In a relationship, you will undergo stages of relationships that will put your love to the test. This period will strengthen your bond as a couple together. You may not have gone through every stage of relationships before, yet these stages are typical when you are in a relationship.


If you’re in a relationship, you can’t call it a happy one if you’re not arguing. There are moments in a relationship when you want to give up, but after you get beyond that period, you will understand that it is where you and your other half have a deeper connection with each other.


In this relationship article, we will discuss the stages of relationships that have contributed to the strength of your partnership.


5 Stages Of Relationships That Every Couple Goes Through


Every couple has gone through, not all but a few, these relationship stages that you may not know you and your partner may  have already been through.

Stage 1: The Attraction


The first sweeping romanticism that consumes a pair when they meet is known as the attraction stage. People in this stage of a relationship often believe they’ve found their “match made in heaven,” and boundaries begin to blur. The two seem to be merging or are eager to do so.

Stage 2: Uncertainty And Denial


When we eventually start to recognize the distinctions between us and our other half. With a thud, we emerge from the spell of infatuation, only to discover that the characteristics that previously seemed so wonderful have started to irritate us.

Stage 3: Disappointment


For some couples, this may appear to be the end of the road. Others may progressively drift apart, lessening one’s commitment to the relationship and more attention to things outside of it. At this point, our first encounter with intense love is frequently a distant memory. Nonetheless, other couples may not question their devotion; rather, they think this is a clear indication that everything must alter.

Stage 4: Resolution


Because you’ve reached a tipping point, the fourth stage of a relationship is known as the resolution. You know you’ve arrived when you start considering leaving and even making preparations to leave the relationship. We make a choice at this point, whether to go, remain, and do nothing despite how unhappy we are or concentrate on repairing our relationship.

Stage 5: Commitment


The commitment stage of a relationship is when partners are at their healthiest and most fulfilling. Couples may laugh, relax, and truly appreciate each other at this time. They may also partake in the previous four stages’ exciting passion, pleasures, and sex. This stage enables them to rediscover their love for one other, or rekindle their flames of love to a bigger and brighter one.



Don’t be afraid to love, simply because you are afraid of the stages of relationships. Loving someone is more than just making them happy; it is also about sacrificing something you value, and while you love someone, don’t be scared to express who you are.


Furthermore, each couple’s relationship stages are just a stepping stone to a stronger connection. It is the greatest part of being in a relationship if you can get through these five stages.


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Author: Ginutis