Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned spy movie to kick off the start of the year? Jam-packed with action, mystery, and suspense as we follow along with the main character while he’s in the  middle of espionage—what’s not to love?


However, the spy movie genre is littered with male leads that are carbon copies of James Bond. You’ve come to the right place if you’re itching to watch a spy movie with a little more feminine flair!


Here are our picks for five female spy films that you should binge-watch today! And if you enjoy this post you will enjoy our article on great adventure movies.


Red Sparrow (2018)


Following the success of her role as Black Widow, Jennifer Lawrence lands another role of a hot Russian superspy hell-bent on using anything she can to successfully reach the goal of her missions. The graphic training that she goes through to become one of Russia’s Red Sparrows can turn off many people, but the action and depiction of espionage in this film is a hit for people worldwide!


Despite the mixed reviews of the film itself, there’s no doubt that the cinematography and flow of the story’s overall plot will surely get you hooked.


Spy (2015)


Most spy movies have a dark and serious tone. When the fate of an entire country is at risk—you’d expect the film to have this much pressure. On the other hand, Spy is a masterful comedy that parodies the seriousness of most spy films on the market.


Melissa McCarthy plays a role as Susan Cooper, one of the CIA’s finest agents, but not in the way that most people would think. She is playing second fiddle as the backup to Jude Law’s “Bradley Fine,” as she watches him on the field and warns him of incoming harm. Conflict arises when Fine gets into trouble in a mission that leads to the identities of the CIA’s agents being revealed.


Left with no choice, Susan is put on the field as an undercover agent to find out what happened to Fine and locate the location of a nuclear bomb.


La Femme Nikita (1990)


Nikita is a solid movie with an amazing plot that you definitely shouldn’t overlook despite the age of the spy film itself. The film follows Nikita, played by Anne Parillaud who was sentenced to death after shooting a cop in the head in a failed robbery. Having no hope and a few days left to live, her death is faked as she is recruited and reborn by a secret government organization that trains the hopeless into trained assassins!


Nikita is a classic that you shouldn’t pass on just because of the film’s age, filled with drama, suspense, and loads of action. The film is in French, but there are English subtitles and dubs out there that you can check out.


Atomic Blonde (2017)


With amazing fight choreography, stunning visuals, and a performance worthy of a standing ovation from lead actress Charlize Theron—if you haven’t already seen Atomic Blonde, then you should go see it right this instant! The film follows Lorraine Broughton as she attempts to retrieve a list of undercover operatives and eliminate a double agent working for West Germany.


Atomic Blonde has the perfect sense of realism while still capturing the charm and absurdity that makes spy films so entertaining to watch!


Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018)


Calling Mission Impossible: Fallout a masterpiece is an understatement. Despite not being centered around a female lead, Rebecca Ferguson’s performance as Ilsa Faust almost stole the spotlight from Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt. The finely-tuned technical elements that make it engaging and exhilarating to watch make it a great action film.


Do you agree with our list? The choices for spy films that are currently in the market are extensive, so tell us which movies are your favorites!


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Author: Carol