Millions of fans will soon be bidding farewell to one of the biggest reality shows in existence, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The Kardashians’ 14-year run will be coming to an end on their 20th season finale coming in 2021.


While many fans will hate to see them go, it’s fun to reminisce and look at their evolution and growth both as individuals and as a family. With that said, let’s take a quick look at the Kardashian Jenner evolution that everyone needs to see!


From Family Barbecue to Worldwide Phenomenons


It’s tough to think that this show that currently has 19 seasons would start with a test shoot in a Kardashian barbecue and Ryan Seacrest’s determination to bring a new family in the spotlight!


Searching for multiple different families and finally landing on the Kardashians, they wanted to do a test shoot right away to see how the family interacts. Among the sea of laughter, shouting, and hugs, the director knew this would be a hit!


After that, the film was shared with E!, and the rest is history.


Reality TV to Several Spinoffs


The rapid growth of the show gave birth to several spinoffs that fans eagerly watched to see more of their favorite celebrity family. From Kourtney & Lamar to Life of Kylie and even I am Cait.


We’ve been along for the ride for the past 14 years of the Kardashians and their growth. Each iconic moment being cherished, like Kim’s lost diamond earring saga and the heartfelt spectacle of Kim and Kanye’s wedding.


Seeing Each Kardashian’s Growth


Being involved with the lives of the Kardashians means seeing how each of them grow as a person. And we can see the difference between each of them from season 1 until now!


The family member with the most noticeable growth is Kylie, who was 9 when the show started, is now 23, and handling a successful cosmetic line and boasting over 195 million followers on Instagram and counting!


We can’t imagine what hijinks this family is going to get into in the future, but we’ll surely stay with them every step of the way!


What are you going to miss when the show ends? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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Author: Ginutis