Importance Of Cutting Tree Limbs


Why Cutting Tree Limbs Are Important? Occasionally, you will be in need of cutting tree limbs in your home. And without precautions and reminders, failure of cutting it properly will put your family at potential risks as these branches or limbs or trees will be weakened and fall into your houses. It is a difficult process. However, with proper techniques, cutting these tree limbs will be done correctly and safely.


Listed here in this article are the helpful tips that can help you remove or cut the tree limbs in your home effectively and without posing other risks as well.


Plan Before You Start Cutting


Always make sure that before you begin with cutting your tree limbs, you will have a plan first. The first thing to do is of course is conduct a thorough inspection. Look for dead wood, peeling bark, broken limbs, or other signs of damage to the tree. Also, the primary reason why you usually must cut tree limbs if the branches of the tree are growing too close to your home or property. These branches can be hanging over something on your roof or your veranda. After inspection, you start looking for proper equipment. These can be hand saw, chain saw or bow saw to make your cuts.


Other equipment are a ladder, safety glasses, and gloves. As you use these big cutting machines, handle them with care and read all the safety warnings before using them. Make sure you wear all the prepared gears like protective eyewear and gloves. With all the proper tools you use for yourself and for cutting the tree limbs, the process of cutting will be done successfully.


The chances of the three becoming infected will be lessened and it will eventually heal itself properly. And the last thing, make sure that you cut tree limbs during winter. This will help the tree to heal before threatening pets arrive. Insects and bacteria will less likely attack your tree.


Correct Ways Of Cutting The Limbs


The first step you have to do is to cut a notch into the branch of the tree. Each limb of a tree is to require three cuts to remove properly. Make a little notch about three feet away from the trunk of the tree. Do not go all the way through with this one; about a fourth of the way through will work just fine. The objective of this first cut is to stop the bark from splitting as you make your second cut.


The next step after the notch you created is to get rid of the first half of the branch. Removing this half will make getting rid of the limb much easier. You practically reduce the weight of the limb and you lessen the likelihood of the wood splitting as you make a final cut.


For the final cut, remember that it is the most difficult step to be done right. When you are focusing on the tree limb, you will notice that it contains a collar that the trunk interconnects. You need to cut the collar of your tree.


Always make sure that you do not cut or remove any part of the collar itself because this is where the part of the tree where healing takes place. If this part gets damaged, it can cause the tree to rot or become diseased. This will eventually lead to the death of the tree. And lastly, you do not leave the branches too long.


Again, the branch collar is the one that heals the tree limb. If you fail to get rid of all the limbs of the tree, it is possible that the tree will form scar tissue and develop as an infection or tree disease.


Things To Avoid And Actions To Take In Cutting Tree Limbs


Aside from winter being the right weather or time to cut the tree limbs, there are also more things to avoid and necessary actions to take in cutting tree limbs of your tree in your home. The first is to avoid using tree paint. Tree paint is used and sold to people as a type of wound dressing or band-aid for tree limbs that have been removed. However, they are unnecessary and they can do more risk or damage than good.


Trees are known for being good at healing themselves as long as you have given them the right way to do so. Always allow the cuts you have made to dry and heal on their own and your tree should recover just fine. The last thing to remember is to contact a tree service if necessary. Do not hesitate to contact your local tree service professional in your area if you find removing a tree limb is too risky for you to take.


Look for a local tree company in your area that can help you assess your trees. Have them come in and let them check your trees. Based on their recommendations, they are the ones who will perform the process of the removal of the tree limbs safely and effectively.




With all the tips, reminders, precautions, and recommendations, you will have no struggle in needing to trim and cut the limbs or branches of your trees in your home. These things mentioned above are important for you to prevent failure of cutting tree limbs. There will be no potential risks and dangers that can harm you in the process of doing it. These techniques will keep you safe.


While the health of the tree will be safe and it will be healed correctly. Knowing the importance, learning how to plan out the process of cutting tree limbs, and being reminded of the things you need to do and actions to avoid, cutting tree limbs will not be hard next time. Seek a professional in your locality if you need help in cutting tree limbs in your home.


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Author: Ginutis