No romantic relationship is perfect. No matter how many times you post happy pictures of you and your partner on Facebook, it’s not always about the happy memories. Relationships go through ups and downs, and if it depends on the two people in it to make it work.


A healthy amount of conflict and arguments are expected in a relationship. This is because your personalities are different from each other, and you’ll both need some adjusting to do.


Qualities to Look for in Life Partner


Staying in a relationship is a constant effort to give and take. You and your partner must continually work it out and continuously choose each other in the process. So, what are the different qualities to look for in a life partner? We will be listing five (5) that you have to consider


Your partner must have the capacity to empathize.


Empathy is the ability to put yourself in one’s shoes. If your partner is empathetic, he/she will be able to understand things from your perspective. A partner with a broad understanding of the situation is likely to be more patient and considerate. If your partner is without empathy, you’ll keep on arguing things, and you’ll end up being burnt out trying to explain yourself because a partner that is not empathetic is a partner who only sees himself or herself.


You wouldn’t want to be stuck with that kind of person for the rest of your life, don’t you?


Your partner must have a sense of humor.


Things can be dire sometimes, and the environment might be very futile. If you have a partner who has a good sense of humor, he/she can lighten the air with some humorous remarks and the right timing. When your partner is humorous, it can help you calm down and ease up your emotions. For example, you are in a heated argument (probably about something that’s not very serious), and your partner cracked a joke. Most likely, your mood will lighten up, and the argument won’t push through.


However, being humorous must be partnered with proper timing. If your partner keeps on joking, it will give the impression that he/she is not taking you seriously.


Your partner must be willing to keep talking.


Most relationships end because the people in it decided to stop talking. For you to work things out, you must speak to your partner if you are experiencing some problems. You must talk it out and understand where the problem is rooting. Talking with your partner allows you to dig deeper into the issue. You might not know that what you see as the reason for the conflict is just the surface. When you talk with your partner, you will understand where these problems are coming from. From here, you will have a better understanding of the situation, and you will be able to address it better.


Problems just continue to persist if you don’t talk about it. It will all pile up, and one day, one of you will just explode. Don’t allow your relationship to come to this point.


Your partner must understand how emotions work.


Emotions can be tricky, especially if you are on the height of it. For example, you feel outraged. It can lead to doing things out of emotion.


You should choose a partner who knows how to handle your emotions and vice versa. This understanding will help both of you manage each other during times of heightened emotions. It would be best to talk some time to let the feelings die down and talk when you’re both rational to talk about things.


When your partner answers your strong emotion with another strong emotion, it will only lead to a clash. It would be such a blessing to have a partner who knows when to step backward.


Your partner must know the importance of establishing ground rules.


You and your partner can set ground rules for then you will have arguments. This can help you rationally handle your conflict and work on its solution. Some examples of ground rules include not going to bed unless the issue is resolved, not insulting each other during a fight, not shouting at each other, etc.


They say forever is a long time. That’s why you must be with a partner that will be worth spending it with. Choose a partner with these qualities and your chance of long-term love and happiness will greatly increase!


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Author: Ginutis