“Forever n then some” That was the caption of Ariana Grande’s Instagram post last on December 22, 2020.


The singer and actress who was made famous for her unique-yet-angelic singing voice and her breakout role in the Nickelodeon television series Victorious as Cat Valentine announced her engagement to Dalton Gomez, whom she was rumored to have started to date in January of 2020.


The Relationship


Ariana, who’s known for her extensive vocal range alongside a whistle register that’s comparable to Songbird Supreme Mariah Carey, began dating Dalton Gomez around New Year. But, Ari insisted on keeping their relationship as private and as far from the public as possible, especially since the previous relationship she had with SNL star Pete Davidson was as public as could be.


Their relationship was confirmed by TMZ back in March when the two were spotted kissing at a bar, but the course of their relationship has been low-key over the months.


Ariana didn’t want to be in another public relationship, so the pair tried to be as subtle as they could with what they shared with the public regarding their relationship. With their relationship being very low-key, fans began to ask: Who is this lucky guy? What did he do for a living? How did he even meet Ari in the first place?


Obviously, Dalton isn’t a part of the entertainment industry because we don’t know a lot about him, but we know that he’s a real estate tycoon. He works as a buyer’s agent for the Aaron Kirman Group, a real estate company based in Los Angeles.


According to the bio on his official profile on the AKG website, he holds one of the A-list buyers’ largest Rolodexes. He is known for his extensive knowledge in the field of architecture and luxury estates. Most likely, that’s where he got the opportunity to meet Grande.


The Engagement Ring


Obviously, people of stature like Grande and Gomez aren’t going to just settle for mediocrity when it comes to something as serious as an engagement. This is why we see such a beautiful engagement ring on the singer’s finger on her IG post, which according to Ajay Anand, the CEO of Rare Carat, estimated that it cost at least a whopping $750,000 and he also estimated it to be at least an 8-carat oval diamond!!!


Jack Solow, the 4th Generation Fine Jeweler & Diamond Manufacturer from Solow & Co who designed Ari’s amazing engagement ring, spoke E! News about the process behind the ring.


According to Jack, he and Dalton spoke around 6 weeks before he proposed to Ariana, and they took their time to find the very “special and unique” diamond for the ring.


Also, according to Jack, he says that “Dalton was very meticulous and he was involved in every step of the process through FaceTime and Zoom since he was in the west coast and I was here in my office in New York.”


The ring was obviously well thought out because every single detail had its significance. Aside from the lovely diamond, we see a gorgeous pearl. It was Dalton’s idea for the diamond to be at an angle and for the pearl to be incorporated because, according to Solow, “The pearl was very important because to him it was sentimental.”


Although we don’t directly answer its legitimacy, fans all over have speculated that this pearl might be the same one that Ari got from her grandmother from her late grandfather’s tie pin.


Overall, it’s safe to assume that Dalton really thought things out and is an amazing individual because he received many praises from Jack Solow. “Dalton really is very design-oriented. He’s very aesthetically oriented. All of the elements and the details are his contributions.


It’s a pun to say, “no stone unturned,” but he was very intent that everything is perfect. He paid a lot of attention to detail, a lot of wanting to make this very special for Ari. That was his goal.” What a thoughtful guy.


Some people say that Dalton Gomez was the lucky guy in this relationship. Still, we’d like to think otherwise. Obviously, with such an amazing, talented, and sweet person like Ariana Grande and the thoughtful and hard-working meticulous person in Dalton Gomez, we’d say that both of them are lucky.

We’re very happy for the both of them.


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Author: Ginutis