Marketing trends ensure that you’re ahead of the curve in the business. In terms of knowing who your target audience is and ensuring that you’re able to provide or market in a way that’s relevant to them, identifying marketing trends are essential.


In this article on, we’ll be teaching you how to stay relevant in your target marketplace and among your competitors with 5 marketing trends you shouldn’t ignore in 2022.


Value Driven Content


Because of the rise of the internet, this is probably the most important marketing trend you have to adhere to as a business marketer. In our time and age that’s very reliant on the internet for communication, especially nowadays because of quarantine and social distancing, which calls for us to communicate and interact more on social media.


It’s a given that you’ll have to compete with other businesses who have the same product, service, or similar strategy for marketing and one of the few things that can set you apart is value driven content. It’s your best chance at gaining your customers’ trust. To start, you can think of how your product or service will affect their lives. Is it a long term investment? A quick buy? Entertainment? Bank on whatever your strong side will be without directly focusing on your product.


Hyper Personalized Content


Anything that’s personalized for you will always be generally more appealing. This is a truth that can be said for almost everything, and this includes marketing. If you make your customer feel like they’re special and that you’re doing this for THEM, you will be able to market it easier.


Hyper-personalization is a very relevant and effective marketing strategy to savvy your way into the hearts of customers. To work on this, artificial intelligence can help you out. You can collect data from your web visitors and your other social media outlets to work with. With the collected data, you’ll then be able to tailor your marketing content to your audience’s preferences at a personal level. An example of this can be if your visitor abandons their cart after shopping. You can email them after a few hours to remind them of their pending carts.


Video Content


Videos are effective, but they can make or break your marketing strategy. 90% of customers say that watching a video helps them make buying decisions. If you’re able to make a video that appeals to them and properly markets your product or service, you’re definitely going to get more sales. However, if your videos are boring, dry, and doesn’t represent your products well, you’re going to end up ruining your image instead.


Remember, your videos are a direct extension of your company or brand’s reputation and in a sense, are also going to represent how your brand handles things. You have to be as personal as possible, while also maintaining a professional quality for outputs.


Adding animated or live videos to your landing pages help lead to 80% more conversions, according to DepositPhotos’ marketing statistics to 2017.


AI Powered Content


Artificial Intelligence makes every job easier than it usually is. It can take a lot of things off people’s plates, and it can do a lot of jobs. AI can help gather and collect information from customers for personalization, they can generate targeted content for specific customers, and develop summary reports of data. Additionally, through AI, you can help build your website’s authority over time by utilizing certain tools like the GPT-3 of the Open AI Company as an example.


Chatbots, which are also powered by AI, can help increase response time by a wide margin as opposed to employing an employee to stay online 24/7 to answer questions and inquiries by possible customers. Chatbots that utilize AI can definitely help your content marketing.


Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing isn’t necessarily something that’s new. However, the approach for the new styles of marketing and incorporating influencers are very different from how they used to in the past. As opposed to billboards, flyers, and magazines or newspapers, social media accounts that are personal to these influencers are now what they tend to use. This is because when you ask an influencer to post your brand’s content on their page or account, you’ll be tapping a market that you don’t regularly have access to. Everyone who follows celebrities and influencers you hire will end up seeing your content. Because there’s a relative bias to the people following them, your brand will be seen as more positive.


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Author: Ginutis