With the world slowly going back to normal after two years of staying at home and social distancing, we’re all definitely excited to get back to traveling and experiencing the rest of the world, not just our kitchen and living room.


In this post, we’ll be taking a look at 5 of the most beautiful places to consider visiting in 2022. The list considers the fact that some places might still not be open to visitors or that some may tentatively open their borders only to close down again.


  1. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia


Cape Breton Island is famous for its scenery and historic sites. It’s connected to the Canadian mainland by a causeway and is located at the eastern end of Nova Scotia. With a population of only 12.7 per square kilometer spread throughout 10,311 square kilometers, you definitely don’t have to worry about a crowd.


Cape Breton Island’s highlight is the world-renowned Cabot Trail, a roadway that encircles the island, passing through forests and a rugged coastline. There are also a variety of hiking trails, world-class golf courses, and a lively music scene. It’s also heralded as one of the best—if not the most—islands to visit in the Americas.


  1. Palau


Palau was heralded as one of the world’s only successful “travel bubbles” in 2021. It was able to pull off a small reopening, and only a minimal number of cases bothered the 500-island archipelago.


There are a lot of things to do in Palau. From water sports to top attractions like the Jellyfish Lake, the Milky Way, and Ngardmau Falls, or even their selection of fine dining restaurants. Overall, Palau and its bright blue beaches, matchless island scenery, and pristine dive sites you won’t find anywhere else are definitely worth visiting.


  1. Antigua and Barbuda


Antigua and Barbuda is a country you might have never heard of before, but it’s definitely one you should know about. The twin-island nation is located in the Caribbean. And just like most countries in the Caribbean, pristine white and pink sands, crystal clear blue beaches, and amazing weather is part of its package.


Antigua and Barbuda is heralded as one of the most sustainable islands in the Caribbean, and it’s also loved by a lot of famous people like the late Princess Diana, Eric Clapton, Oprah, and Giorgio Armani.


  1. Alaska


Alaska may not seem like an obvious choice, but the vast space, the massive national parks, the pristine wilderness, and the fact that you won’t have to worry about a crowd make it so. 


Alaska and its jaw-dropping scenery thanks to miles of unexplored and unexploited wilderness with majestic mountains, fjords, lakes, waterfalls, and glaciers should be on top of the list of most people looking to enjoy the peaceful wonders of nature. Except for those who don’t like the cold, of course.


  1. Singapore


Singapore is one of the most convenient places to travel to because of its disciplined people and because of the fact that a majority of them are English speakers. They recently reopened their borders to vaccinated travelers back in October and have been slowly inching back to where they were before the pandemic.


Singapore’s airport—which is arguably the best in the world—isn’t the only thing that makes them a good destination. There are ample opportunities to explore in the relatively small country where most of the country can be traveled to by train. From the notable buildings to the beautiful city lights and the diverse culture that’s evident in every corner, the melting pot of Southeast Asia makes its case for a visit.


A trip after years of being stuck at home is definitely well deserved. What place are you planning to travel to? Is there a place you think deserves a spot on this list? Comment down below and let us know!


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Author: Carol