Netflix has revolutionized the TV Show and movie industry with their format that popularized Video-On-Demand and online streaming services.


This year marks 15 years since Netflix launched its services, and within these 15 years, we’ve had thousands of movies and TV shows grace our screens thanks to Netflix. In this video, we’ll be listing down 7 of the most-watched Netflix TV shows of all time.




Starting off this list is Maid, a limited series by Netflix that found a wide range of viewers is a story about Alex, played by Margaret Qualley, a single mother struggling to make ends meet as she escapes an abusive relationship.


In this drama based on the book by Stephanie Land, we’re presented a story that tells the tale of the struggles of a woman struggling with abuse and financial problems without having the emotional support that she needs. The 10-episode series has been viewed over 469 million times.


13 Reasons Why Season 2


The series, which focuses on controversial social issues like depression, suicide, and abuse amongst the youth, transitioned from its initial plot of the 13 tapes and Hannah Baker’s suicide to its impact on her classmates as they dealt with their own demons.


13 Reasons Why was viewed 496 million times on Netflix, a number 20 million higher than the first season.


The Witcher Season 1


The popular video game franchise revolved around Geralt of Rivia, a magically enhanced monster hunter with supernatural abilities, The Witcher is considered one of the most successful video game adaptations in recent memory.


Given the fact that there is already quite a fan base that has been built over the years and the fact that Henry Cavill was definitely born for the role of The Witcher, it’s no surprise that The Witcher has already been streamed 541 million times.


Stranger Things Season 3


Stranger Things is a flag bearer for quality shows from Netflix. Its interesting story, great plot, captivating characters, and amazing development for all those above have made it one of the most hyped-up series releases.


Stranger Things Season 3, still starring the cast albeit more grown-up now has been 582 million times and counting after being released.


Money Heist Part 4


Spoiler Alert: After the end of Money Heist’s Part 3, which left characters believing that Lisbon had been executed, the hype was stronger than ever for its Part 4.


Money Heist is a wonderful mix of Robinhood philosophy, strategy, social narratives, detective work, and a lot of ambition. Money Heist is able to capture all the endearing themes of previous works like The Italian Job and Oceans Eleven and create a wonderful series. It’s no surprise it’s been viewed 619 million times.




Bridgerton revolves around eight close-knit siblings of the powerful and influential Bridgerton family. In just eight episodes, the hardship, unrequited love, romance, and overall poetic production of the series captured the hearts of many, especially ones that enjoy British Period Dramas.


Bridgerton has been streamed 625 million times as of its release on December 25, 2020, and is currently having a sequel being worked on that will be premiering on March 25, 2022.


Squid Game


Squid Game is the definition of hype. The South Korean television series produced by Netflix went famous overnight after fans, celebrities, and basically, everyone else was intrigued with the plot of the series.


Squid Game is a story of survival, social inequality, honor, and just how desperate people can be when it comes to self-preservation and pursuing their interests. Squid Game’s 1.65 billion views can be attributed to the hype, but it’s an amazing series nonetheless.


Netflix has definitely revolutionized the industry and, in the process, has introduced us to some of the best and sometimes even life-changing TV series to ever be streamed. We’re looking forward to seeing more of what they can bring in the future.


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Author: Carol