Did you finally get that new job? Maybe your partner said yes when you popped the question. Regardless of the occasion, these moments require a costly night out with great food and an even better ambiance.


New York is home to the country’s best expensive restaurants, but some of them can be a little disappointing for their price point. Having to scout out a restaurant manually can be a buzzkill. Here are the best places to splurge for special occasions in New York!


Cote Korean Steakhouse


Simon Kim’s well-renowned Michelin-starred Korean steakhouse is on top of our list for a reason. With an extensive selection of products for you and your loved ones to enjoy, there’s bound to be at least one thing that everyone can enjoy.


Cote Korean Steakhouse also offers indoor and outdoor dining, which means that you get to choose the scenery that best fits the occasion! Cote Korean Steakhouse sports set menus with a la carte beef, shellfish, and even caviar options. Expect to spend around $115 to $150 per person or more at the end of the day, and the food is well worth the price!


Sushi Noz


Sushi Noz is back and offering indoor tastings of New York City’s best sushi! A complete tasting experience orchestrated by Nozomu Abe in the hinoki room costs $395. If you want to enjoy a shorter sushi meal, it costs $225 in the restaurant’s ash room.


The entire process is a treat as the chef creates and places each piece of nigiri in front of you, directly on the wood bar. Each piece is a unique sensory experience, and the flavors are out of this world!


Le Bernardin


Le Bernardin’s three Michelin stars aren’t just there for show. Eric Ripert’s French seafood temple remains one of the top places to splurge in New York. If you manage to get a reservation at Le Bernardin, look forward to the best fine dining experience you will ever have the privilege of witnessing.


The four-course menu runs for $185, while the chef’s tasting costs $280. If you’re looking for a vegetarian option, Le Bernardin offers one for $220.




The Frenchette is a modern French restaurant and natural wine hub that you and your companions can thoroughly enjoy. The oysters with sausage, tartare fries, and soup de Poisson pair well with the extensive assortment of wine that they offer.


A three-course meal will cost you around $115 or more, including the drinks.




Chef Stefano Secchi is responsible for gifting New York with one of its best and most popular Italian restaurants in years! With hearty a la carte options and amazing pasta specialties from Emilia-Romagna, you better work up and appetite before deciding to dine in this amazing establishment.


The $95 pasta tasting will get you the most bang for your buck, but there are loads of other standalone dishes for you to enjoy as well!




Unlike the other restaurants on this list, Dhamaka only has one true splurge item, their $190 Rajasthani rabbit. Reserving a Rajasthani rabbit can be extremely difficult, but it’s a hundred percent worth the effort.


Chintan Pandya and Roni Mazumdar’s breathtakingly spicy Indian spot has many other flavorful and affordable dishes that you can enjoy for yourself or with some company!




This laidback Vietnamese-American restaurant is the best place to go for a quick and hearty dinner. However, Falansai offers a longer $83 tasting menu that guides you through a rollercoaster of flavors. From delicate and elegant tastes to spicy and bold flavors, Falansai ensures that you leave the restaurant feeling completely satisfied.


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Author: Carol