From the hot and flavorful selections of broth, ranging from pork to chicken, and even vegetarian, to the warm and tasty noodles and everything in between, the Ramen is one of the best soup dishes in the entire world.


Because of this, Ramen has gained popularity almost everywhere—and as expected—even in The Big Apple. In this post, we’ll be looking at 5 of the best ramen spots in New York City.




Located in Upper West Side since 2016, Zurutto’s Kuro ramen, a signature at their place, is Ramen with a chicken broth full of flavor. The noodle soup includes ground pork in the broth aside from the chicken stock and several sliced pork in the dish itself.


Cabbage, bean sprouts, corn, miso, and marinated boiled egg are also incorporated in the dish. Overall, the wood-lined Japanese restaurant that specializes in soups and dumplings live up to their reputation with this dish.




Hinomaru has been open since 2011. They take pride in their innovative ingredients and in their signature broth that’s boiled for 17 hours in a slowly reducing simmer that releases the complex flavors they’re aiming for.


Part of what makes Ramen an interesting dish is its presentation, and Hinomaru’s Hakata-style tonkatsu broth ramen takes that up to another level. With their New York Style ramen, they include cute yet equally tasty fish cakes with a monkey-faced design on them. Their Ramen also includes their signature ingredient, the “fireball, ” a loose meatball made out of ground pork peppered to perfection. Hinomaru’s Ramen is a perfect blend of innovation and tradition.


Totto Ramen


Totto ramen and their Chicken Paitan is an experience. It was founded in 2010, and instead of progressing the Ramen, they decided to take a step back to its Chinese roots that influenced the dish greatly. They present a chicken and pork broth with wavy noodles and a condiment called rayu that’s as spicy as it is flavorful. 


Totto Ramen also has other choices like their Vegetable Ramen Spicy Paitan, and Miso Paitan, which has bean sprouts, scallions, ground pork, and a couple of slices of char siu, slices of meat prepared the Chinese way. They also serve a side of avocados which is pretty unique if you ask us.


Their Ramen’s ingredients are as long as their name. Kung Fu Little Steamed Buns Ramen’s Spicy Beef Ramen is quite a treat. It’s relatively cheaper than most Ramen you can buy in New York City, but it’s equally—if not better—tasting than most of them. 


The spicy beef ramen with its thick noodles, spicy paste incorporated in the broth, garnished with a perfect selection of vegetables, and thinly cut slices of beef that top everything off, is definitely worth a visit for those who are in search of an affordable yet fulfilling ramen.


Kyu Ramen


Kyu Ramen has one of the best designed outdoor dining pavilions in the city and a great selection of Ramen that’s available in both straight or wavy noodles and a number of broths and ingredients available.


The Mega Ramen, their best seller, is a ramen that features both shrimp and thin slices of pork in a pork broth simmered for hours. Kyu Ramen has a selection of combinations that include the main dish, Ramen, and several side dish options like their Matcha Pudding with Red Bean, Popcorn Chicken, Japanese Cherry Blossom Jelly, and Steam Pork Bao Bun.


Ramen is arguably the best noodle soup dish, and there are quite a number of selections available in New York City. A trip to one of these spots is definitely something you won’t regret. If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to like and subscribe for more.


What did you think of this local guide? Do you have other amazing Ramen spots?


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Author: Carol