In love, age is just a number. Dating over 50 is possible – here’s how! There is no age limit or expiration date as to when we are allowed to date or not. But, each period in our lives would mean different things when it comes to dating.


So how about dating when you’re over 50? At this age, your fellow Gen X/Y already has adult children or even many grandchildren or maybe in their second or third marriage or already experiencing sexual drought or have changed career paths several times. In other words, they might be experiencing a lot of challenges.


Dating Over 50 is Possible – Here’s How


Are you dating at 50? Why not?! It might give you the bliss you’ve been looking for a long time now. To help you better with your dating experience at this age, here are some things you need to know.


1. Think About What You Want


In whatever stage in dating, it is essential to think about what you want. What kind of characteristics do you want the person to have? Or the features you wish they don’t have? This will help you sift through your dates and no which ones have the potential to move forward.


Professor of Sociology at the University of Washington Pepper Schwartz suggested that you choose your date must-have five primary qualities. Some of the rates include intelligence, thoughtfulness, calmness, etc. At the same time, you also select five characteristics that are non-negotiable for you – being a smoker, not so interested in fitness, not keen on financial handling, etc.


2. Prepare for Your Meet-Up Dialogue


Meeting the person for the first time can be nerve-wracking. It is possible that you might not have been on a date for quite some time now, and you feel nervous over again. So, why don’t you do a little practice? In the first moments of your date, prepare some light and positive topics to start the conversation. It’s time to master that art of small talk again.


3. Learn More about Technology


If youngsters can use technology to get a date, then why can’t you? It can be challenging (or not) based on the age range, but there’s nothing you can’t learn if you try. Learn to use technology and learn to use it to your advantage.


Explore dating apps, study how they work, and enjoy using it. Also, take note of the precautions and the safety measures you need to do as well.


4. But Don’t Just Focus on Dating Apps


Yes, dating apps are one way of getting back to the dating scene but don’t be too obsessed with it to the point that you no longer go out and explore the world. Use the apps but don’t close your doors to other possibilities as well.


5. Be Upfront About Sex


At this point, there is already another consideration when it comes to sex like issues about sex, monogamy, physical limitations, or safe sex. It would be best to lay down these concerns first before you get laid so both of you will be on the same page. Being able to manage both of your expectations can foster a better relationship.


6. Consider Finances


We hate to bring it to you, but you also have to consider this: Do you have spare money to spend on dating? Dating at this point is also an economic issue because it involves spending.


Or how about this: Do you feel comfortable taking the check if the other party can’t pay for it? It would be best to take things slow and learn how to say no. Take time to get to know the person and observe their character. Make sure that they are not dating you because of your finances.


Money is a tricky thing, so make sure you get yourself covered when it comes to this.


7. Build Your Resiliency Muscle


Just like your younger years, you are not everyone’s cup of tea. Don’t be demotivated if some of your dates don’t work out – it’s really like that in the dating field. Don’t take it personally and keep on trying.


Dating in your 50s is an inspiring thing. It allows you to feel the bliss and the tickles of dating all over again. Enjoy your journey!


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Author: Ginutis