Are you considering a do-it-yourself tree removal? We strongly advise you to think about this matter thoroughly. It’s more complicated than you think to remove a tree on your own.


Though cutting a tree may appear to be a simple task, it is much more difficult. To execute it correctly and, more crucially, securely, it needs a foundation of knowledge and expertise.


Cutting trees on your own is not worth the risk, and it’ll almost certainly cause more issues than it resolves. So, before you grab your chainsaw, think about these dangers and why it’s better to leave tree removal to the professionals. You can also read this great post on the importance of tree care, which can save you money and potential damage by regularly caring for your trees!


Here are five reasons why cutting down trees on your own is not a good idea:


Destruction of Properties


Trees that fall are pretty heavy and can shatter anything in its path. Even a single branch may wreak havoc on your roof, creating leaks and water damage.


That’s why it is crucial to hire experts to do the work. Because you can rest assured that the professionals will not do any damage to your property.


Electrical Risk


The branches may come into contact with the electrical wires as you cut the branches.

Electrical wiring is one of the dangers of tree pruning and lopping.


As you trim the trees, the branches may come into touch with the electrical cables. As a result, you must think about the electrical risks to avoid fires and other mishaps.


Wood that is decaying is highly unstable and unpredictable


Unsecured branches are even more hazardous. While you’re working, a tree may collapse unexpectedly. There’s a chance that you’ll harm yourself or someone else if you’re inexperienced and unfamiliar with tree biology.


When it comes to biology, this is equally crucial to understand. On the outside, a tree may appear to be in good condition, but inside, it may be totally rotten. As a result, a dying tree is extremely unstable and potentially dangerous.


Even if you had no intention of cutting it, this circumstance will undoubtedly demand it. You should get rid of it since you never know where or to whom it may fall. Because this condition involves biological understanding, it is best to seek the assistance of experts.


Accidents caused by falling


To effectively remove a tree, you either climb it or use a bucket truck to access the branches. It can be dangerous if you are inexperienced.


Falling from even a short height can cause serious injury or even death. You may possibly fall from a ladder or from the tree itself; the risks are limitless.


Improper Tools and Improper Tool Usage


Tree-care equipment that isn’t up to standard, such as a dull chainsaw, might lead to disastrous results. It’s all too easy to lose control or misuse the tools, which often leads to a trip to the emergency room.


Misusing a chainsaw may be incredibly risky, resulting in serious injuries and even death. When non-professionals use these saws, they frequently shudder or recoil when they come into contact with knots in the wood.


Furthermore, if you do not utilize the proper equipment and know-how to use it, you’ll be in much greater danger. That’s why hiring an expert is very crucial.




There are plenty of complications that a non-professional may face while attempting Do-It-Yourself tree removal. To prevent the issues stated above, you should seek expertise with this work.


Is the cost of not hiring a professional worth the risk of destroying your property or injuring yourself or others? You will save a lot of money, save property loss, avoid injury, and fatality by hiring a local tree company. Think about it!


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Author: Ginutis