From 2002 to 2021, latina legend Jennifer Lopez and actor Ben Affleck have been linked together in a lot of instances. The main period, however, was from 2002 to 2004 when the couple was together and, at one point, even engaged.  But what happened during the 17 years after the couple broke up? Were they completely ignoring each other? Did they stay as friends? Or did this only happen because Jen was only looking for a rebound after breaking up with former MLB Shortstop Alex Rodriguez?


Let’s dive-in to their relationship history now!


Meeting on the Set – February 2002


The pop star and the actor first met when Jen was working on the set of Gigli. Jen was still married to American actor and choreographer Cris Judd around this time, but it was undeniable that the future couple’s chemistry began on this set. Ben took to trade magazine to compliment J.Lo, saying that working with her was nothing but an honor and a pleasure and that he wishes he was lucky enough to be in all her movies. If that wasn’t the start of a budding romance, we don’t know what is.


Kisses and Cuddles on J.Lo’s Birthday – July 24, 2002


Known as officially one of the moments that marked the start of the couple’s relationship, paparazzi spotted the (at the moment) unofficial couple making out and cuddling at the surprise birthday for Jen. 2 Days after the birthday and the making out, J.Lo finally files for divorce from Cris Judd a month after the two separated.


Jenny from the Block – November 5, 2002


In one of J.Lo’s most famous music videos that now has 148 million views on youtube, the couple appears on screen for a scene where Ben leans over and kisses Jen’s butt while they’re sunbathing on a yacht. This infamous scene is one of the most recognizable events in the couple’s history and serves as the crossover for J.Lo’s music and dancing.


Also, this was said to be the beginning of her newfound movie-star lifestyle. Jenny from the Block was a hit song for the early 2000s, being played almost everywhere and amplifying the public’s obsession with the couple through the music video and the yacht scene.


The Engagement – November 2002


Around the same time as the music video went crazy viral, the couple got engaged. Ben proposed to Jen at Boston in his mother’s house. According to an interview by ABC, J.Lo said that Ben proposed to her by filling the entire house with a blanket of rose petals.


A Postponed Wedding – September 2003


Instead of romantic photos, all fans got from the couple was a joint. In the statement, the couple said that they have decided to postpone the wedding’s date due to the “excessive media attention” surrounding it and that they realized something was wrong when they were seriously contemplating hiring three decoy brides in three different locations.


Dumped – January 2004


This was the headline by the Chicago Tribune, who released news that said Jennifer Lopez was officially ending her engagement and relationship with Ben Affleck. Of course, this statement broke the hearts of millions around the world.


Not The Marriage We Expected – June 2004


Despite Jen and Ben trying to keep things afloat in Jersey Girl, things never really worked out, and she ended up marrying Marc Anthony, who she used to date back in 1999. At the same time, Ben Affleck ended up with another Jen (Jennifer Garner), who first appears as a couple at the World Series. The two would go on their separate ways until April 30, 2021, where rumors would resurface the net.


17 Years Later – April 2021


The couple has made rounds again on the internet after Ben was spotted going back and forth from J.Lo’s mansion in LA. The pic that sealed the deal, however, only appeared two months later when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were spotted and photographed kissing during dinner. 


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Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Had A Pre-Valentine’s Day Date At The 2022 Super Bowl. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez kicked off their Valentine’s Day with a date at the Super Bowl the night before in Los Angeles. The two were filmed dancing in the stands during the game.


As of the moment, fans, especially those on Twitter, are going crazy about the couple’s possible comeback and a photo that spots Ben and J.Lo in a yacht yet again. Some speculate that this is a gimmick, but fans say otherwise.


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Author: Carol