Do you have a bucket list of things you want to accomplish before you die? If so, you should also consider adding a list of dishes that you have to try.

From the sweet apple layered pastry called Apfelstrudel in Australia to a Bunny chow in South Africa that doesn’t have bunnies, we’ll be listing down ten dishes you have to try before you die.

1. Goi Cuon

The first one on this list is a simple yet fantastic dish. Originating from Vietnam, traditionally, families would take an assortment of fresh vegetables and wrap them with rice paper alongside fish.

2. Falafel

There’s a high chance that you’ve already “tasted” this dish, but you probably haven’t tasted an authentic falafel in the middle east yet.. Trust us when we say that this deep-fried snack with ground chickpeas is something you’ll have to taste at least once.

3. Apfelstrudel

The Apfelstrudel is a traditional dessert that dates back to the 1600s in Vienna. Strudel means “whirlpool” in german, and the dish itself translates to a whirlpool of apples.

This is one of the most delectable desserts in Vienna said to have been inspired by the baklava from Turkey, and as a testament to this, the Viennese City Library keeps a handwritten recipe written in 1696 for the Apfelstrudel in their library.

4. Juustoleipä

This dish from Findland is as unique as it sounds. Juustoleipä is a mild cheddar cheese curd that’s baked, grilled, or flambeed in a pan and then cut up like a pizza. Unlike pizza, however, this one’s a dessert.

5. Meze

The Meze isn’t a single dish, but like a Charcuterie, it’s a sample of a number of them. When ordering Meze in a Turkish restaurant, you’re served several small plates of finger foods and a helping of their traditional liquor, raki.

6. Bunny Chow

Don’t worry. The Bunny Chow from South Africa isn’t actually made with bunny meat. A Bunny Chow is a dish placed in a hollowed-out bowl of bread filled with meat, often glazed with curry.

This dish from South Africa has a very interesting origin. It came to life when Indian and South African laborers were banned from eating in restaurants. As a result, they came up with this dish to make an easy and portable lunch.

7. Mofongo

This Puerto Rican meal might look like it’s made with meat, but it’s actually fried pickled plantain. Plantains are like bananas, but they’re relatively more minor, and they have a distinct taste. The Mofongo also comes with a serving of mashed potatoes.

8. Pastel de Nata

Egg-custard pastries are always guaranteed to be excellent, but this Portuguese one topped with powdered sugar seems to outmatch its rivals. They’re so popular in Portugal that bakeries will often have long lines outside their stores. Perfect when paired with a cup of coffee!

9. Prosciutto di Parma

You’d probably expect that we’d include pizza or pasta for Italy on this list, but there’s a high chance you’ve already tasted it. Instead, we present to you Prosciutto di Parma, the pinnacle of cured meat.

Hind legs from piggs are aged for a process that can last as short as a few weeks or as long as a few years. However, what makes this special is that like most coveted Italian dishes, this cured piece of meat only has less than 150 factories that are certified to make it.

10. Balut

The last yet definitely not the least on our list is a Fertilized duck embryo dish from the Philippines. It’s a hard-boiled duck egg with a partially formed duck embryo that has excellent flavor. Because it’s already rich and creamy, locals often only use salt and vinegar as a seasoning.

If you can stand the occasional feathers, eyes, and beaks, you’ll definitely enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Food is one of the most essential and beautiful aspects of life and missing out on them is equivalent to not achieving your goals and dreams. If you think other dishes should be included in this list, feel free to comment down below.

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Author: Carol