Visiting the famed city of Hoboken for a nice night out? Known as “the land of the tobacco pipe,” Hoboken is the perfect spot to indulge in the pleasures of the nightlife.


Go on a food journey now in the best restaurants Hoboken has to offer!


Benny Tudino’s


Founded in 1983, Benn Tudino’s is one of the oldest restaurants on this list. The rustic feel of the well-worn interior with pizza ovens in front and a wood-clad dining room just a few steps beyond is perfect for a sloppy night out with the boys.


Benny Tudino’s humungous one slice gimmick is what kept the restaurant running for so long. The doughy slice overflowing with cheese can fill you up and give your taste buds a nice treat!


Pilsener Haus & Biergarten


Going to Hoboken’s more obscure northwestern part gives you access to the best German beer garden in New Jersey! Located at 1422 Grand St, Pilsener Haus & Biergarten has a 19th-century tavern vibe that makes you feel cozy and at home.


Not only is the food phenomenal, but their assortment of beer can satisfy any practitioner’s taste buds. Their schnitzel and wursts are a must-have if you decide to give them a visit. They also have some unexpected dishes such as a pretzel pudding and lamb burger!


Fiore’s House of Quality


Are you in the mood for sandwiches with meat fresh from the deli? Fiore’s House of Quality has you covered!


Founded in 1913, this Italian deli is best known for using fresh ingredients for each of its sandwiches, even their mozzarella! Despite having no seating, people still line up to get a sandwich for take-out because they’re just that good. 


Their roast beef and Mutz hero is a sandwich drenched in gravy is our personal favorite, but they only serve it on Thursdays and Saturdays. They also have an assortment of Italian groceries available for you to take home!


Old German Bakery


Need a place to get fresh and amazing-tasting bread? Look no further than Old German Bakery Hoboken!


Old German Bakery serves various strudels and classic European pastries, focusing on the tart and fruity flavors we all know and love. The flaky crust and sweet filling of their apple strudel go perfectly with a good cup of black coffee or tea.


Old German Bakery provides seating, so it’s perfect as a quick breakfast destination or a date spot!


La Isla


Are you looking for a hearty meal after a busy day of exploring Hoboken? La Isla has you covered!


This phenomenal Cuban diner has high-quality food for a low price. The pressed sandwiches are a local favorite. However, they also have blue plate specials that vary day by day. We recommend getting their pulled pork roast Lechon Asado comes with a side of fried rice; it’s cheap and can fill you up quickly!




Finding a good Malaysian restaurant in New Jersey is like finding a needle in a haystack. The days when fantastic Malaysian restaurants were abundant have long since gone making it difficult to quench that craving.


Satay is one of the last remaining Malaysian restaurants in Hoboken that care about their food. This L-shaped restaurant is compact, garbed in bamboo, but also feels like home. The familiar atmosphere and the different aromas wafting in the air are enough to make your mouth water.


Satay’s menu is expansive, and each one of their dishes is packed full of flavor! Their nasi lemak tastes incredible; the curry chicken pairs perfectly with the coconut rice and hard-boiled egg.


Which one of these restaurants will you visit during your stay in Hoboken? Go on a food trip now in these amazing spots and experience a world of flavors!


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Author: Carol