The authentic food in Miami is famous, and most tourists have been looking for it. Its white-sand beaches, pleasant temperature, Cuban coffee, zoos, marketplace, art galleries, restaurants, museums, and many others, are well-known tourist spots found in this place.


If you want to visit Miami, you should prepare to load your stomach with some of the city’s most popular local cuisine that will surely satisfy you and make you crave more. Are you ready to try and savor these local dishes in Miami? Well, we will get started with Miami’s top 8 street snacks that you should have.


Stone crabs

To complete your Miami experience, pair it with chilly hash brown potatoes, mayo, and slaw. And of course, without including Joe’s Stone Crab, a list of restaurants in Miami would be incomplete. Joe’s Stone Crab took great pleasure in being the one to discover the delicious crab over a century ago that is still served at a famous South Beach venue every season.


Chicken ‘N’ watermelon ‘N’ waffles

Chicken ‘N’ watermelon ‘N’ waffles is a combined dish of waffles, chicken, and watermelon served with a spicy honey sauce, sharp cheddar, and maple syrup to create a more delectable flavor and delight everyone’s cravings. The marinated chicken consists of water, salt, sugar, paprika, cayenne, black peppers, garlic and onion, giving it Southern perfection. This cuisine is located at 1600 Lenox Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States.


Fish sandwich

Nothing compares with a perfectly baked grouper fillet between freshly baked buns. Garcia’s Seafood, based at 398 NW North River Dr, Miami, FL, USA, serves this dish. This fish sandwich is Cuba’s best-known food, which is made in Miami called La Camaronera. The fish between the buns is tiny enough to fully fit into the buns and serve it butterflied, with the bones taken but the tail kept on.


Traditional fritas

Miami is known for its Cuban culture and delectable fritas Cubanas, hamburgers made with Cuban bread, and a cumin-paprika spiced beef patty. Some versions add chorizo, and others use an American-style bun to surround the meat. Regardless of all the changes, one food will remain constant: fritas is served on bread with matchstick potatoes and a secret sauce that Cuban takes on the American hamburger. El Mago De Las Fritas is located at 5828 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33144, USA.


This dish can be prepared on its own or with meats, vegetables, and cheeses filled inside. Arepas, Venezuelan cornmeal cakes, have formed a part of Miami’s cuisine fabric since Venezuelans began escaping their country’s political and economic uncertainty and settling in the Magic City.


Chicharrón, a sauce-based dish, or chicharrones, a finger-food snack, is famous in Andalusia, Spain, Latin America, and other Spanish-influenced areas such as the Southwestern United States, Cuba, and then in Miami. This meal is created using crispy pig belly or pork rinds that are cooked in a frying pan.

Cuban sandwich

A Cuban sandwich is a ham and cheese toastie dressed up. Three slices of meat are mashed together with cheese, pickles, and mustard till toasty warm. The Cuban sandwich is the most traditional food which is served in Miami. It consists of Cuban bread, roasted pork, pickles, baked ham, mustard, and Swiss cheese that will surely make you full.

Key lime pie

Restaurant patrons have long favored vital lime pie as a dessert. Moreover, this famous dessert has its origins in Miami. It’s a sweet, crispy, and creamy lime pie.


Miami is a cultural, artistic, and, above all, culinary destination. This authentic food in Miami serves the best and mouth-watering foods. It is not just the food you will love, but also its place and atmosphere that you will surely want to experience again.


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Author: Ginutis