2021 has been one hell of a year. With the rise of streaming services amidst the closure of cinemas, not even a global pandemic could stop superhero franchises from creating masterpieces!


However, not every 2021 superhero film ended with sunshine and rainbows. Here are some of the superheroes we lost in 2021 (spoiler warning, obviously).


Hex Vision (WandaVision)


Ever since Paul Bettany’s vision experienced a brutal death in the hands of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, loads of theories about how he was alive and kicking in WandaVision, when it was revealed that Wanda had created the new dream Vision with sheer power, you best believe that everyone was shocked!


When Wanda finally brings down her mystical hex in the series finale, we had to say goodbye to the illusions within it, including Vision.


Yalan Gur (Justice League: The Snyder Cut)


One of the best scenes in the Snyder cut was the extended and improved scene of Darkseid’s first attempt at conquering Earth. In this scene, we see a lot more of the epic fights and the combatants who risked their lives to stop the invasion. We also see a lot more of the green lantern who died in the hands of Darkseid.


The alien lantern in this scene is Yalan Gur—who, in Green Lantern #19, died due to overconfidence after he was given a green lantern ring with no weaknesses. In the film, you can say that he suffered the same fate as he rushed towards Darkseid without the help of his allies.


The First Guardians of the Globe (Invincible)


The premiere episode of Amazon’s original series “Invincible” sets the tone of the rest of the series moving on. The first episode introduces us to the Guardians of the Globe, the series’ stand-in for D.C.’s Justice League as they fight the Mauler Twins in Washington D.C., which they inevitably beat upon the arrival of Omni-Man—the father of the show’s protagonist.


Initially showing the friendship between the Guardians and Omni-Man, the episode takes a grim turn as it ends with Omni-Man luring the heroes into their brutal demise.


Classic Loki (Loki T.V. Series)


In the post-credit scene of the fourth episode of the Loki T.V. series, we’re greeted by four Loki variants, one of them being dubbed as Classic Loki. Played by Richard E. Grant, Classic Loki’s costume is the most comic-accurate depiction we’ve ever had in the MCU!


Classic Loki meets his demise after demonstrating his power by creating the illusion of a fully formed Asgard. The illusion distracts one of the series’ antagonists, Alioth, and gives Sylvie and the others enough time to regroup and go through with their plan of enchanting the trans-temporal entity. Classic Loki gets devoured by Alioth but successfully finishes his purpose as a distraction for the greater good.


Rick Flag (Suicide Squad 2)


After learning that the United States government not only knew about the existence of Starro but are also funding experiments on the alien conqueror, Rick Flag puts it upon himself to expose the conspiracy by spreading information on a computer drive with data on the experiments.


Things take a turn for the worse when it’s revealed that Peacemaker was actually a secret agent tasked by Waller to make sure that the data doesn’t leave Jotunheim. A close fight then ensues between Flag and Peacemaker that ends with the latter jamming a broken shard of porcelain through Flag’s chest.




With superhero movies no longer being constrained by just being from Marvel or D.C., we’ll surely be greeted by more original hero franchises and films in the future! 


2021 has been great, let’s see what 2022 has to offer for the superhero film scene!.


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Author: Carol