Exploring a character’s innermost thoughts, their thought process, and motivations. Rooting for a character for an entire movie only to find out we’ve been playing the whole time. Questioning existence, the way we see things, and morality, are just some reasons why psychological thrillers are one of the best movie genres out there.


In this post, we’ll be looking at 5 of the most interesting psychological thrillers from 2021 that you should see.


  1. Azor


Starting off this list with a unique movie that blends mystery, high finance, politics, and disappearance,  Azor is one of the best foreign movies in 2021. It’s the debut film for writer and director Andreas Fontana, and he couldn’t have had a better one.


Azor is set in the late 1970s revolving around private banker Yvan, who arrives in Geneva with his wife to replace a colleague who mysteriously disappears. Restraint, alarm, the language of dictatorship, all while having tons of exchanges that don’t exactly mean what they mean, makes this a great psychological thriller.


  1. No Man of God


Crime, mystery, and based on the real-life transcripts from conversations between Ted Bundy and an FBI special agent, No Man of God explores an already well-loved topic of serial killers with one of the best in the business, Ted Bundy.


Instead of focusing on his crimes or the trial process, the movie focuses on his eerie and unusual relationship with Bill Hagmaier, one FBI Special Agent assigned to him. It’s a powerful movie starring Elijah Wood and Luke Kirby.


  1. Hypnotic


Hypnotic is a movie about a young woman who seeks help from a hypnotist. It tackles the dangerous power of hypnotherapy and keeps viewers questioning the characters and their own minds, the story, and just how powerful hypnotherapy is.


The film’s cinematography is decent, but the sound editing, which contributes greatly to it, has a certain feel that amplifies every small sound, every breath, every tick, and tack. If you want a movie that isn’t Oscar-worthy but still going to keep you on your toes, Hypnotic is a good choice.


  1. The Woman in the Window


Starring Amy Adams as Doctor Anna Fox, a child psychologist, this movie explores a relative niche issue in Agoraphobia while dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, delusions, and drug dependency. Anna Fox is holed up in her three-floor house in Manhattan with a tenant below her, new neighbors, and absolutely no ability to take one step away from her house.


The Woman in the Window slowly transitions from phobia, anxiety, and disabilities, to delusions of tension, to a full-blown conflict resolution that will keep you on your seat’s edge with a satisfying and hanging conclusion.


  1. The Guilty


The Guilty is a remake of a Danish movie that revolves around a troubled police detective who’s demoted to a 911 operator duty. He scrambles to save a distressed caller in an interesting turn of events. Jake Gyllenhaal plays officer Joe Baylor and Christina Vidal as Sergeant Denise Wade alongside a cast of Ethan Hawke, Riley Keough, Eli Goree, and Peter Sarsgaard as voices.


Although not better than the original Danish film, The Guilty is still a great watch considering how much praise Jake Gyllenhaal’s acting is. Of course, the psychological thriller of dealing with people through just voices is still there.


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Author: Carol