Aside from the Billboard Hot 100 smash hit “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” Disney’s Encanto has given us awesome animation, a wonderful story, and a beautiful lesson. And just like all other amazing Disney movies, it’s filled with a lot of details and easter eggs you might not have noticed. 


In this post, we’ll be looking at five details you probably missed in Disney’s Encanto. P.S. Spoiler alert: We’ll discuss some important parts of the movie.


Titanic Easter Egg


In the “Surface Pressure” segment of the film with Luisa and Mirabel, we see a lot of scenes and cuts throughout the segment, but probably the most iconic one was the nod to the Titanic and the iceberg. 


However, you might not have spotted the three donkeys at the back playing music while the ship crashed as a nod to the musicians who continued playing until the ship sank.


Butterflies, Butterflies, Butterflies


We can find a lot of butterflies throughout the story. Either through silhouettes, patterns, clothing, or literal butterflies. Found in Mirabel’s dress, nursery, and all around The Casita, butterflies that symbolize transformation and growth cover a significant part of the story. Even Abuela’s keyholder that she keeps with her is a butterfly.


Details In Dresses


With Julieta’s gift being healing people through cooking and food, aside from all of the food we see alongside her, we can spot a mortar and pestle pattern in the center of her outfit. In line with her gift, too, you can spot a bunch of herbs in her apron’s pockets.


This theme is maintained throughout the story, with Isabela’s dress being flower-themed, Dolores’ dress having soundwave patterns, Luisa’s skirt that looks like weights, Camilo’s poncho with an outline of a chameleon, and even Pepa’s sun earrings. 


Mirabel’s Gift  


In the earlier part of the film, where Antonio hides under the bed away from all the people gathering for his big day, Mirabel hands him a gift that tells us what his gifts will be.


We see a couple of animals on the print on the bright blue present. A notable one is a bird, the first animal that greets Antonio and the animal that eventually becomes his companion. We can also spot a giraffe, a snake, and to keep up with the theme, a butterfly.


The Rats In The Walls


If you’ve been looking for a sign that says any of the family members knew Bruno was still in the walls of The Casita, Dolores might be one of them. 


Aside from the fact that Dolores would likely be the one who knows about Bruno living in the walls because of her gifts that allow her to hear better than everyone by a mile, she acknowledges this by telling Mirabel something.


In the part of the movie where Mirabel confronts Dolores, Dolores tells her that the only one worried about the magic was her and the rats talking in the walls. Dolores also mentions hearing Bruno while singing her part in “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.”


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Author: Carol