Whether you’re looking for a mountain to climb, a bridge to jump from, or a rapid river experience, thrill-seeking is one of the best things to try out for leisure. The racing heart, the excitement, and the overall experience are definitely worth it.


In this post, we’ll be taking a look at 5 of the best options that thrill-seekers should try in the United States.


  1. BASE Jumping at Twin Falls, Idaho


The BASE is a combination of skydiving and cliff jumping. It’s one of the most extreme thrills because of the fact that your launch point is relatively low compared to skydiving, so there’s less time to deploy your parachute.


Twin Falls, Idaho, is one of the best BASE jumping options out there. It’s located around 500 feet above the Snake River in Perrine Bridge and has all sorts of thrill-seeking and hiking activities. Perrine bridge also doesn’t require any permit for extreme sports and adventures, so it’s an additional benefit.


  1. Waterfall Rappelling at the Ripley Falls


Also known as canyoning, waterfall rappelling is one of the rising adventure sports all over the world. To explain it simply, waterfall rappelling is when you lower yourself through the rushing water of falls. Unlike most sports that are extensions of other adrenaline sports like climbing and hiking, waterfall rappelling is an entirely different activity with its own allure.


Waterfall rappelling at the Ripley Falls, a 100+ foot waterfall embraced by the white mountains’ scenery, definitely makes for a great experience. With the short scenic hike that spans half a mile, it doesn’t really take long.


  1. Climbing the El Capitan at Yosemite


Climbing a mountain is probably one of the most thrill-seeking activities out there, but that doesn’t mean it makes it less fun. Climbing the El Capitan in Yosemite National Park is one of the best thrill-seeking options.


To climb up to the peaks of the El Capitan’s Dawn Wall, you’ll have to go up 3,000 feet. The half-dome takes 8,839 feet. For an easier route for beginners, the Washington Column, which takes only around 1,000 feet, is also an option.


  1. Heli-skiing in Anchorage, Alaska


Skiing and helicopters? Heli-skiing is a concept that started when hardcore skiers wanted to try certain locations that could only be accessed through a chopper. The deep barely touched snow in these locations makes for a unique sensation for ski enthusiasts.


The Chugach Mountains just north of Anchorage have thousands of miles of terrain, powder bowls, and vertical descents perfect for the thrill-seeker. Just make sure that you’re already skilled enough for skiing before giving this trip a try.


  1. Paragliding in Maui


Paragliding is amazing. The wind is blowing on your face, the excitement building up to the jump before you finally end up with a relaxing and enlightening sensation. It’s one of the most relaxing thrill-seeking experiences.


Paragliding allows for people to have uninterrupted panoramic views of the world from up above, and the landscape in Maui, with the island’s lush tropical landscape and lavender farms, takes this to a whole ‘nother level.


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Author: Carol