If you don’t already know, the type of coffee bean you use to brew your coffee can drastically change how it tastes and smells. Enjoying the taste and fragrance of a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning is a feeling that nothing can ever replace.


We’ve scoured through hundreds of articles online to find the best coffee beans in the world so that you can enjoy the perfect cup of joe. Without further ado, allow us to spill the beans on the five best coffee beans in the world!


Kenya AA Coffee


This coffee bean, obviously hailing from Kenya, is the first on our list. The double-A refers to the size of the coffee bean, being a little more than one-fourth inch in diameter. The unique taste of this type of coffee bean works perfectly with a medium roast and a sweet pastry on the side!


Africa is home to loads of delicious and fragrant coffee beans, but Kenya AA has them beat.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry Coffee


A problem that some coffee lovers face is the incredibly acidic nature of coffee. Some people fight through the stomach aches just to get their buzz of caffeine for the day, but with Jamaica Blue Mountain—you don’t have to suffer through frequent trips to the bathroom anymore!


This coffee bean variant is incredibly rich in flavor while having fairly low acidity. The unique creamy taste of this medium roast coffee bean makes it a favorite for those who hate the bitter and gritty taste of most espressos.


Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee


Adding another medium roast coffee to the list, the Lavazza Super Crema originates from five countries in the south, making it relatively accessible to buy overseas. The beans are often sourced from Brazil, Columbia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and India—but the mix is made with the refined methods of Italian breweries. The unique taste and incredibly strong aroma make this the perfect coffee bean for those who enjoy the smell of coffee just as much as its taste.


Guatemala Antigua Coffee


South America is home to many strong-tasting coffee beans, but Guatemalan Antigua Coffee takes the spot on our list for its refreshing flavor and refined taste. The velvety, almost spicy taste shines through the best with medium or dark roast. If you’re a fan of the intense flavor of dark coffee, Guatemalan Antigua Coffee is the one for you!


Costa Rica Geisha Coffee Bean


Best tasting when medium roasted, the Costa Rica Geisha coffee bean also hails from South America. The 30% less caffeine in the Costa Rica Geisha makes it a premium coffee perfect for those looking for a warm drink to enjoy without increasing their heart rate and energy levels for the day! The combination of different fruity aromas and tastes sometimes makes it taste like tea with tiny hints of molasses, but that’s what gives it its appeal.


That’s it for our list; what coffee bean is your favorite? Make sure to let us know in the comments section below! Coffee is a drink enjoyed by people worldwide, so it’s only natural that we try and look for the best version of it whenever we can.





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Author: Carol