Cliff diving is a beautiful experience for both beginners and pros. It’s one of the most memorable experiences one can have in life, and nothing replaces the adrenaline rush and the beauty of jumping down a cliff before hitting a body of water.


In this post, we’ll be looking at 5 of the best cliff diving spots in the United States you have to try.


  1. Ka Lae


First on this list is one of the best cliff diving spots in the world. It’s incredibly beginner-friendly and one of the premiere cliff diving spots in Hawaii and the United States. The jump is estimated to be around 40 feet, and you’ll be landing on water that’s about 20 feet deep. 


Unless you choose to dive into a pool, it can’t get better than this, with crystal clear waters and relatively smooth terrain.


  1. Kahekili’s Leap


Named after the King of Maui, Kahekili’s Leap is known to many as the spot where the sport first came to life. Kahekili’s Leap was where the first cliff divers began to discover the sport in 1770.


The only reason why this historic spot isn’t higher on this list is because it’s only recommended for cliff divers with experience. It’s dangerous due to the long drop but shallow waters below.


  1. Guffey Gorge


For our first non-Hawaii entry on this list, we have Guffey Gorge, also known as Paradise Cove. It’s hard to reach despite just being a 1-mile hike from the road because of its terrain, but it’s definitely worth the challenge.


The cove has ledges that range from 20 to 70 feet, and you’ll be landing on a peaceful and pristine pool of water. Your only problem with this destination is that it’ll be filled with visitors during peak seasons.


  1. Lake Powell


Lake Powell, located between Utah and Arizona’s border, is great for divers. You can jump off cliffs as short as 10 feet tall, but you can take your daredevil adventures to the peak by jumping off of 70 feet cliffs.


Lake Powell is a peaceful and serene spot, and you can spend an hour or two just enjoying the view or having a picnic before cliff diving.


  1. Havasu Falls


Last but not least is Arizona’s beautiful falls not far from the Grand Canyon. It’s best if you’re highly experienced in the sport, as Havasu Falls has a drop of 100-110 feet, and you’ll be landing on a pool of water rummaged by water.


Drop aside, Havasu Falls is one of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing spots on this list.


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Author: Carol