Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of his generation’s most successful movie stars. With over 50 movies already in his catalog, it can be confusing to pick the next one to watch.


Here are six must-see movies by The Rock.


  1. The Rundown


The Rundown is a classic. It’s one of the films that made The Rock who he is in Hollywood today. Although the movie’s plot isn’t at all unique, it cemented The Rock’s star status, and he definitely made the movie his own.


  1. Moana


It’s highly unlikely that you haven’t seen Moana yet, but if so, you should definitely put it at the top of your list.


Moana is a highly entertaining movie as kid’s film about the journey of the daughter of a Polynesia chieftain who explores the ocean to save her village. The Rock plays Maui, a self-centered demigod who learns a lot of important lessons as the film progresses.


  1. Baywatch


Baywatch doesn’t follow the same formula the ’90s series had, but it definitely takes advantage of the familiarity.


If you haven’t seen it yet, Baywatch is a self-aware film for adults with a dash of nostalgia, with The Rock in the middle of it all.


  1. Rampage


Its plot isn’t entirely compelling, but any movie with The Rock is entertaining, and this is no exception.


In this movie, The Rock is a primate expert with an albino ape friend who becomes a giant. The king-kong character battles giant wolves and crocodiles in the movie, so don’t expect it to have any sense at all, but it’s definitely fun for movie night.


  1. Central Intelligence


Central Intelligence isn’t, by any means, a masterpiece, but if you’re a fan of The Rock, then that means you’re also a fan of the type of comedy found in this film starring Dwayne Johnson alongside Kevin Heart.


Central Intelligence is a story about two high school friends reuniting well into their adulthood and ending up taking down a wanted criminal.


  1. The Gridiron Gang


Last but definitely not least on this list is one of The Rock’s most underrated movies. The movie doesn’t sway much from the usual tropes of the genre, but the writing is definitely inspired.


Gridiron Gang, tackles the story of Sean Porter (played by The Rock), who creates a football league at his youth detention center to take their minds away from crime and delinquency.


What do you think? Is there a film we missed? Which of these movies have you already seen? Comment down below and let us know.


Author: Carol