After almost three years of a solid relationship, Iconic Popstar Rihanna and rapper-producer A$AP Rocky finally welcome another person into their life.


Now looking to be eight months old, we’re going to discuss everything we know so far about the iconic couple’s son.


Breaking the News


It could be remembered that the pregnancy was announced a year ago when Rihanna posted a series of baby bump photos on IG. However, what really got the pregnancy trending was Rihanna’s famous maternity pics, even reaching the extent where a sculpture of the Fenty Beauty founder was featured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


The Preparation


Months before giving birth to the baby, several reporters and social media personalities had already attempted to ask for the baby’s name, but the couple chose to keep it private. According to several sources close to the family, only family members know the child’s name.


Even before giving birth, Rihanna already began to plan for the child. In an interview with Elle, Rihanna said she is taking notes from Teresa  on how to raise children, quote: “Teresa from Jersey does not play about her kids. She will flatten you about those kids.”


The Birth


At age 34, Rihanna gave birth to her first baby in Los Angeles, only four months after they first announced the pregnancy. Not much is known about how the birth was, which hospital the baby was born in, and other private details. It’s expected that if they wanted to, they could keep it private.


The First Post


Anything Rihanna posts almost always go viral, but not as much as this one. Late last year, the couple posted possibly the cutest vid ever on TikTok.


The vid, posted on Rihanna’s 7 million follower account, has been viewed over 21 million times and has been liked by 5.6 million times. As of the moment, this is the only video Rihanna has on her account.


The TikTok, captioned “hacked,” was posted on December 17, 2022, and featured a series of clips of their unnamed baby boy in a baby seat. Yawning, laughing, giggling, and being as cute as can be.


Plans For The Future


Like everything else about the baby, not much is known about the couple’s plans for the future. However, it’s definitely good news that not only was Rihanna happy about being a mom, but she plans to be a mom for more than one child.


People close to the couple say that the two are definitely considering having more than one child.


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Author: Carol