Months after a surprise Las Vegas wedding, JLo and Ben’s relationship seems to be smooth sailing, but how exactly have they been since tying the knot?


In this post & video below, we’ll be taking a look at Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s life after marriage.


Searching for a Home


With Ben and Jen finally looking to settle down, a source close to the couple says that they’ve been actively looking for several homes to purchase together.


Ben Affleck currently has a $19 million mansion in the Pacific Palisades, while Jennifer Lopez has a home from Sela Ward worth $28 million. More recently, the first of probably many properties to come was bought by the couple for $86.7 million.


The Bel Air home has ten bedrooms, four kitchens, and 17 bathrooms. Several images of the home can be found online before it was sold, but we’re sure they’re busy making changes.


There isn’t any confirmation yet of whether or not the couple has moved in yet or if they have, the kids are already also moving in, but with most of their children being teenagers, they probably wouldn’t want them to transfer schools in the middle of the year.


Changes at Home


With situations at their separate homes being quite complicated, adjustments between the newlyweds have definitely been made.


It’s important to note that JLo has twins Emme and Max with her previous husband, Marc Anthony, while Ben has three children with Jennifer Garner, Violet, Seraphina, and Sam.


The couple is definitely convinced that settling down is a big family. Making sure that everyone is continually comfortable and happy is an essential step to ensuring their marriage is healthy, and it’s a step they’re taking.


Roles and Responsibilities


Being a father and a husband isn’t new to Ben and being an actress isn’t new to Jen, but doing both together is something that they’re working on. With a new project in the works, Jennifer Lopez is busy with filming, so it’s Ben who’s left to tend to the kids.


This includes both his children and Jennifer’s children. A source close to them says that Jen is extremely happy that Ben is taking responsibility and that he’s been great for all sides of the family.


Long Term Plans


With Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez sure about their direction as a couple, long-term plans are definitely being considered, but not much has been revealed to the public.


The couple is doing things right by not revealing too much information to the public to avoid pressure and unnecessary scrutiny. With their experience with the media—especially with Ben publicly expressing disdain against the constant violations of privacy the two have been facing, we can only understand why they only choose what to share.


We’re all stoked to see what’s next in store for the iconic couple, but they’ve been laying low, and it’s understandable why. For more updates and similar content, make sure to like and subscribe!


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Author: Carol