Rumors of fake relationships aren’t new in Hollywood, but it’s still going to be a surprise when the couple in question is one of the most well-known couples of their generation.


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s relationship may have been confusing with all the break-ups and uncertainties, but it didn’t get as confusing as this.


In this post & video below, we’ll be discussing the recent rumors, allegations, and conspiracy theories revolving around the famous couple.


A Rocky Start


Everything in this rumor is based on the claim that the couples never really knew each other well enough. Although it isn’t uncommon in Hollywood, this one has certain red flags about it.


Kylie and Travis began dating just a few weeks after her breakup with Tyga. She met him at Coachella, which was part of his tour, and apparently, they clicked so well she decided to leave her friends and go on tour with him.


However, just three weeks after dating each other, Kylie ended up getting pregnant with Stormy at 19. Although Kylie claims the pregnancy was unexpected, this is the part where conspiracy theories kick in.


Premeditated Pregnancy


Even at a young age, Kylie has always been different from most kids her age. A lot of snippets from their show Keeping Up With the Kardashians show Kylie talking about how she’s already excited to be a mother.


At the age of 15, this was alarming. They never really knew each other well enough, as supported by Travis failing to answer questions about Kylie in an interview segment of a show, so that makes things worse.


The Trap


Things are even made worse by conspiracy theories that Kylie wanted to keep Travis in her life and a baby together would lock him in.


Although it seems unlikely at first, it starts to make sense when you think about it. With Kylie considering herself as a socialite, even claiming to be the youngest self-made billionaire at age 21, clout chasing isn’t unlikely.


The sky was the limit for him because Travis Scott was a rapper on the rise with a peak still on the horizon. The possibility of this rumor isn’t that absurd at all.


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s Fake Relationship That Fooled Everyone


What do you think about this latest rumor? If the relationship really was fake, why did they choose to have a second child? Is it fake if you know about it and are fine with it? Share your thoughts by commenting down below. And as always, if you liked this post, and the video below please share it with others and help us continue to create awesome content!


Author: Carol