With Encanto being one of the best-made Disney projects in recent memory, it’s no surprise that their attention to detail is beyond what’s expected of a children’s movie.


For this video, we’ll be taking a look at five more details you probably missed in Disney’s Encanto.


  1. Doctor Who Reference


We all love Doctor Who references, and so do the people who made Encanto.


In the sequence featuring Antonio’s bedroom, we hear one of the children saying, “It’s bigger on the inside!?”. Although it may seem like a normal line, it’s actually a nod to the TARDIS, the telephone kiosk-looking time machine/spacecraft.


  1. A Nod to Hercules


Keeping up with the theme of nods to previous Disney movies, Hercules gets a subtle one in “Surface Pressure”.


In this jam-packed sequence, Luisa faces Cerberus, one of the most iconic creatures in the tale of Hercules.


  1. Bruno


Rewatching a film always reveals more details, which is definitely the case for Encanto. If you rewatch the film with the intention of looking for more Bruno appearances before he makes his actual debut, you’ll definitely be able to spot him more.


For example, we can see a silhouette of the man we don’t talk about on a balcony during Dolores’ verse in “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” We can barely make him out to be a person, but the glowing green eyes are a dead giveaway.


  1. Señora Pez Muerto


More on the filmmaking side than the actual film, Jared Bush reveals on Twitter that one of the women from the village, the one who says Bruno told her her fish would die, and it died the next day, is actually named Señora Pez Muerto.


In Spanish, Señora Pez Muerto translates to Mrs. Dead Fish.


  1. The Plant from Wall-E


Last but not least, the appearance of the plant from Wall-E proves just how many nods Encanto wants to give to previous greats.


The first time we see Bruno’s room, we spot a lot of random things, such as glass bottles, a rat-themed wall clock, and a water vase with wooden utensils. However, one seemingly random item that’s a nod is a boot with a growing plant. A similar plant plays a pivotal role in one of Disney Pixar’s Wall-E.


What do you think about the attention to detail Encanto paid when making their film? Is there any other easter egg we haven’t listed down yet? Feel free to let us—and your fellow viewers—know by commenting down below.





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Author: Carol