Andrew Tate is currently one of the world’s most controversial celebrities and self-proclaimed influencer, but what was he before all the fame? Emory Andrew Tate III, known by the public as Andrew Tate, was many things before he became an influencer.


His first taste with success began in his early childhood when he competed in chess tournaments against adults at the age of 5 with the influence of his father, Emory Tate who was a trailblazer for African American Chess. 


However, he never really had a place he could call home having been raised in Chicago, Illinois, Goshen, Indiana, and eventually England when his parents got divorced.


In 2005, he moved on to martial arts and eventually found himself professional kickboxing matches. He also worked in TV advertisements to support himself. He would go on to make a name for himself in the kickboxing world, retiring with a record of 76 wins and 9 losses.


Andrew Tate’s Rise to Stardom


NOTE: Please avoid using words siding to his actions; make it more informational.


However, Andrew’s popularity wasn’t because of a successful kickboxing career. Andrew Tate, whose fans call him “Top G”, had his first taste of popularity in 2016 when he joined a season of Big Brother in Britain.


However, his time after a video of him hitting a woman with a belt found its way to social media sites.


But how exactly did he go from pro kickboxer to an extremely polarizing self-proclaimed mentor with unbelievable wealth? It definitely wasn’t his tv appearances.


Tate rose to popularity after gaining a strong following on social media who echoed the same sentiments he had with growing wealth and being a man.


Although he already had a strong following on social media, his popularity skyrocketed thanks to TikTok where he currently still has a strong fan base despite being banned multiple times on other platforms.


Instead of going the usual influencer route with endorsements and deals, Tate wanted to be independent and launched Hustler’s University.


Controversy Surrounding Andrew Tate


Hustler’s University is a subscription based platform where members are asked to pay $50 a month for access to instructional videos on growing wealth, accumulating power, and as well as an emphasis on training men how to interact with women.


However, it didn’t last long after the financial services company handling the platform pulled out after a myriad of controversies and allegations hit the platform.


At the same time, Tate was employing over 75 women, whom he claim are mostly his girlfriends, to sell sob stories to male callers through a webcam studio, allegedly making millions out of it.


With all of these controversies running around, Romani Police began investigating him and his brother for alleged organized crime and human trafficking.


On December 29, 2022, Andrew, his brother Tristan, and two women were arrested by Romani Police for detention and further investigation.


As of the moment, no final verdict has been made. Fans are calling for his release, some are hoping he gets locked up for life, and everything just seems unclear.


What do you think about Andrew Tate? Is he truly a menace to society as some would paint him out to be? Or is he just another person trying to make men better? Will he rise again from all of this? Or is this the last we’ll be hearing from him? Comment down below and let us know.





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Author: Carol