The debut of The Last Of Us was unbelievable. The tone setting was amazing, and everyone couldn’t wait for the next episode.


Luckily for us, the first episode wasn’t a one-time thing, as episode 2 was also great. For this post, we’ll be breaking down the second episode of The Last Of Us.




Opening the episode with a scene in Jakarta. We get more details of how the virus began to spread through the lens of Ibu Ratna, a professor of Mycology. This wasn’t in the game, but the opening scene for the first episode wasn’t too.


Hopefully, this sets a precedent of possibly having more scenes that weren’t in the game as an opener, revealing more of what we still don’t know about the infected.


The Aftermath


In the previous episode, it ended on a high note, with Joel beating up a guard. The following scenes show Joel shrugging off a hairline fracture, Ellie bringing up her tests and how she got locked up by Marlene, and Tess trying to get more details out of Ellie.


We also learn that most of the big cities were bombed during the rise of the infection.


The Clicker


As the episode goes on, we get our first glimpse of clickers in the show. Two clickers find their way into the room. Joel tells them to keep quiet, and in typical Ellie fashion, she does the opposite, forcing the gang to fight off a clicker.


Ellie ends up with a scratch, and Tess with a twisted ankle. They head up the roof, and we get another game reference as we’re shown a shot of Joel and Ellie looking at the State House from a distance.




The group finally makes it to the State House, but they soon find out that Fireflies have all been killed after being infected. Tess decides to stay behind for the group. She tells Joel to save who can be saved and bids them goodbye.


She pours oil all over the floor and struggles to get her lighter to work as the infected swarm the building. She finally manages to set off the lighter, but not before an infected gives her a kiss.


We end the episode with another scenic, game-like shot of Ellie turning her back on the State House.


The Last Of Us Episode 2 Summary and Breakdown


With this episode staying true to the game, we can’t help but get excited for what’s to come. What do you think of this episode and the series so far? Is it doing the game justice? What do you think we will get from the next episodes? Comment down below and let us know.




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Author: Carol