How to Use TikTok for Business


TikTok is another marketing platform where brands can reach out to two of the largest consumer groups right now: the Gen Z and the millennials. It has over 800 million active users and 2 billion downloads so far.


It is best for brands to take this opportunity to market their products before the platform gets saturated.


Here are some tips on how to maximize TikTok for your business.


Set Your Marketing Goals


Know what your goals are and set your marketing campaigns around them. Create a plan for your posts and content. It should be consistent with your other social media campaigns while at the same time tweaking it a bit to cater to your audience.


Many businesses choose TikTok to build brand awareness and trust. For example, a news program can have their own TikTok account and do the famous news anchor challenge. This increases brand visibility while engaging your audience.


However, TikTok is not optimized for sharing direct links in posts, but it is expected to change in the future. Your contents must have a strong call to action for more conversions.


Set Up a Business Profile


Set up a business profile for a more professional look. Your TikTok profile must be consistent with your other social media platforms i.e. should have the same bio description.

After setting up the profile, go through the feed and interact with brands or people within your network. Follow other prominent brands and scout for social media influencers from your niche. This will help build the algorithm for your profile and increase brand awareness.


Planning on Your Content


There are different content categories that you can use or mix up for your TikTok account.

You can have the hashtag challenge, which is a thing for your Gen Z and millennial audience. Hashtag challenges can either be sponsored or organic. You should consider both approaches.

Tutorial videos and hacks is another effective strategy for your content. Cosmetic companies can make tutorial videos using their products. You do not just educate your audiences; you are encouraging them to buy your products as well. It also gives them an idea on how your product is in real life.


You can encourage content from your clients through testimonial videos and studies. It’s like an online review for your brand, which is organically made by your clients. This testimonial is more trustworthy because it came straight from the clients’ mouth. You can then use this as a user generated content and include it in your profile.


TikTok Influencer Marketing


Just like other platforms, TikTok has influencers too. You just have to look for the TikTok influencers that you think will best embody your brand. Once you have chosen an influencer, you have set clear goals and brand guidelines with them. They can create their own content based on their image, and this means a lesser cost for in-house content creation.


Remember that these influencers are influencers because of their unique sense of self. While you are giving them some guidelines, you must allow them to exercise their creative freedom as well.


Cross-Posting and Repurposing


Cross-post your content to other platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat. The more cross-posting you do, the higher the ROI will be because there will be an increased brand awareness.


You can even repurpose your video for other platforms. For example, the TikTok video can serve as a teaser for a longer video on YouTube, or you can have a before-and-after look and include the link of the step-by-step tutorial on YouTube.

These practices are a way to maximize platforms and allow each to complement the other.


TikTok is just another platform to connect to your intended audiences. But just like any other platform, you should be able to plan out an effective strategy and tailor fit your content for maximum returns. Learn to use this platform to your advantage.


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Author: Ginutis