Cryptocurrencies are currently taking the world by storm. With the world’s first crypto, Bitcoin having as much as an 11,400% growth with a price of around $69,000 in 2021, investors are currently on the lookout for ways to profit even more from the industry. (THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVISE. IT IS INFORMATIONAL AND EDUCATIONAL CONTENT ONLY!)


If you aren’t already investing in cryptocurrency, you’re missing out on a lot! Trending all across the globe as a profitable way to gain money if you know how to market works, looking up the best cryptocurrencies to attain great profits from is the current goal of both new and old investors.


However, how are you sure that the crypto you’re investing in will be able to last in 2022? After days of extensive research, we’ve come up with the best cryptocurrencies to invest in and crypto investment strategies for 2022!


Why You Should Invest in Crypto in 2022!


Cryptocurrency has been in the market for years now, so why should you risk investing in it now when you’re considerably late to the race? 


While cryptos have existed for quite some time now, they’ve only increased in profitability in recent years! If you invested at least a hundred dollars on the overall top ten best cryptocurrencies in the market like Bitcoin and Ethereum in the current year, you would have ended up with a total return of over $5,000! Cryptos are looking unstoppable with an overwhelmingly positive % change of 400% change.


The future for investing and profiting from cryptos has just begun, so if you step into the market now, you should be able to catch up!


Avoiding The Common Mistake of Judging Based on Past Performance


Assuming that you’ll gain a profit by shelling out money on the ten highest performing cryptos on the market is a common mistake that beginner investors make when trying to get into crypto. Past performance isn’t an indicator of a cryptocurrency’s growth in the future. The market can fluctuate, and the possibility of falling victim to pump and dump schemes is higher if you simply base your investment on past and current growth percentages.


We’re not telling you to completely ignore the current top ten performers on the crypto market, just be ready in case you end up with a net loss once you pull out and sell your current investment.


Best Cryptos To Invest in For 2022


These cryptos aren’t just the best for gaining profit, but also if you want a level of consistency and security from your investments.



Current Value: $16,646


Created in 2009, Bitcoin is considered the crypto that started it all. As the first crypto, it didn’t start so hot in its first years, however, it’s now the top cryptocurrency to buy in 2021 and soon 2022!


According to most experts, investing in Bitcoin is the safest bet and you can enjoy a large profit by investing in it in the next year. Either way Bitcoin is down from it’s all time high, and many state now is the time to DCA into Bitcoin! We are!



Current Value: $1,215


Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum is a platform that lets you create online contracts using Ether as their currency for the contacts. ETH has grown a tremendous amount this year and it’s expected to have even bigger profits in 2022. Even more Ethereum is something that people actually build on, and use on a daily basis. There are lots of use case. At this price it is hard to believe that those who buy in now will not see great returns in the futire.


Binance Coin

Current Value: $272


Marketed by Binance exchange, it was originally based on ETH but now has its own Binance chain! BNB is commonly used as a utility token to pay for transactions at a lower price. An advantage that comes with Binance Coin is that it can be exchanged for other types of cryptos!



Current Value: $1


In contrast to other top cryptos with huge values, Tether is a stable coin that is backed by currencies like the US dollar and Euros. Tether is a breath of fresh air in the chaotic and highly volatile landscape of the cryptocurrency market.



Current Value: $0.38


XRP can be used to facilitate exchanges of different types of cryptocurrency types like BTC, ETH, and even DOGE. XRP got a massive spike in November of this year and it’s definitely crypto that you should look out for in 2022! Yes XRP is facing tremendous opposition from the XRP SEC case, but most think this case will be settled (or dismissed) and XRP will roar back to new all time highs!




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Author: Carol