The Internet has proven to be a great way for people to make money online. There are several ways in which you can earn money as a regular source, or as an extra earning in this digital age. Making extra money can more likely help you upgrade your lifestyle as a whole. You can make money with a very low budget, or even without investing a penny.


Many of the strategies to make money will require you to be in a particular locale, while others are location- independent. If you are committed to your work, just anything is possible to achieve. As the saying goes, “Where there is a will, there’s a way.” Our thoughts prove to be of immense help and direct us towards negativity if you are in a financially tight situation, so you need to get out of that negativity towards positivity. Get out of the bubble you have created for yourself, and fly high, look at the brighter side and GET SET, GO!


The billion-dollar question is how to make money now? You can start by searching online; not all things you get in the search engine would be authentic. So you need to be careful that you don’t fall into a get quick rich scheme. Start slow and plan well, keeping the bigger picture in your mind. You can get hundreds of ideas, but try and find things you enjoy doing, and then begin your journey to start earning and generate a passive way of earning online.


The one way of earning is through learning, browse through different links, and learn to segregate finer things from the not so authentic ones.


Top Ways to Make Money Online


There are several guidelines and ways through which you can make money online. Some of them are enlisted below:




The entire phenomenon of thinking blogging as a habit has been proven wrong. The first thing to do is to find your niche and start working on it. This way, you can make nice money by writing blogs. Blogging as it may sound, it is not an easy process, but once you get the hang of it, no-one can stop you from getting what you want. The main thing is that anyone can do it, and it can definitely be an add-on in your CV.


All you need to do is to have something interesting or trending to say and build traffic, which will eventually create followers.


Following are the ways in which you can start blogging as a full-fledged business:

  • Starting a blog: Starting to write a blog might seem to be a strenuous process, if you are not much tech-savvy. There are two ways in which you can start writing your blog. You can choose a free blogging platform or choose to create your own website. There are pros and cons of both ways; we will take you to get a better understanding and make a wiser decision.


  • Searching for Free blogging platforms:

This type of blogging is best for bloggers who are least interested in making money through their blogs. The best part of free blogging platforms is that it is completely free and very easy to set up. The limitation is that you can’t place adverts, and you cannot use affiliate links. Moreover, there is a restriction on customization and image or video uploading. Moreover, the platform has the authority to delete your blog.


Customization is very limited in free blogging platforms and your blog will have storage limits, making it harder to upload large images and videos. Most of the free blogger platforms have a restriction on advertising which is a major key for revenue generation for bloggers.


In case you have no qualms regarding revenue streams as a blogger, then this is the best way for you to generate followers. There is a small list of best blogging sites, like, Blogger, and Medium.


  • Make your own website:

Creating your own website is the best way to earn money online. This gives the complete customization over design, URL and the ability to advertise and affiliate links as you wish to. Here you will have to pay for your URL.


Creating a business directory in which you have a knack of what type of questions on products and services do your customers ask recommendations on? Make a list and approach relevant businesses to sign up for your business directory.


With a website of your own, you will have a UNIQUE PERSONAL BRANDING, you will be in full control of your website, and the platform does not have the right to delete your blog. With the help of WordPress, you have the freedom to choose your Templates and Themes; you can wisely choose them according to your personality. You have the freedom to choose the topic of your blog as-well. You can choose simple topics and with a clear meaning; this can be your Unique Selling Proposition.


  • Choosing a topic for your blog:

This can be easy as well as tricky at the same time. The most important aspect here is to create a niche over which you have adequate and clear knowledge. The most common mistake that new bloggers make is that they do not do anything out of the box. Sticking to old topics and not trying anything new can be monotonous and boring. You should be full of surprises and be different in choosing your topic.


For example, if you are endorsing a certain product, be it Apparels, you can make it sound and look ECO-FRIENDLY, which is very trending right now as people have become more environmentally friendly and conscious about mother nature.


Looking at the gaps that already existing topics have, you need to study the trending topics online and come out of the box of what’s exactly different in your information that you are providing to the target customers.


Google is the best search engine as of present times. You can browse google and find out what is the most searched product or service, and go on providing further information on this topic.


Having a real interest in whatever topic you are choosing is also important. If you don’t have a genuine interest in the topic you are writing about, then you will lose track, and people will certainly notice your lack of interest in the information you are providing. Having a passion for what you are writing is important. Be precise and clear about the blog.

Be careful about choosing a topic. Basically, what sets you apart is how you are writing your blog. You should be ready to answer queries, give advice. Give tutorials, take interviews, and write reviews. ” Being the Jack Of All Traits “ is the call of the hour.


Increasing traffic for your blog


Once you have written your website and are all set to give it a kick-start. After publishing your blog, the million-dollar question is, where are the potential readers? The best ways to find the readers are several , here are some of them as discussed below:

  • Promoting your blog on social media.

Having a social media account is of vital importance these days. With any kind of business, you definitely need to promote it on social media to get noticed. It is recommended to have an account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. As you are owning your own business Linkedin is a must-have. Designing your account with a logo and similar patterns, color, the theme will make it stand out and easily recognizable. Ans don’t forget about YouTube video marketing!


You can even invest in paid advertising, so that your blog reaches a wider audience. You should always be prepared to give a tough competition to your potential competitors in order to generate more likes.


If the topics in your blogs appear to be trending in news or social media, it is a great opportunity to utilize this in your favor. Responding to stories on your blog will also be helpful in the longer run. You can promote your blog by setting social media with appropriate Hashtags. Get involved in discussions and be available to give your comments to journalists if approached by them.


  • Connecting with other bloggers in the stream:

Getting to know other bloggers who are writing on similar topics can be helpful. Even after knowing that you are a competitor, there seems to be an immense aura of support with fellow bloggers. This will greatly help in your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and once this happens, your blog will automatically appear in the top-notch Google search engine.


Monetizing your blog content:


As you have to earn money with your blog, go on in certain ways. Advertising is the first way that comes to any blogger when earning money is in mind. WordPress is the most commonly used way, but there are many other ways too.


#Affiliate marketing for Making Money


Affiliate marketing is all about suggesting a product or service to the respective potential audience by using specialized tracking links. Getting a referral commission every time after someone buys after clicking your link. Making it easier to understand is that, say you refer your bank to a friend to open a bank account, the bank gives you a bonus or a gift card. This is called Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is involved in every industry’s niche product or service that you provide.


The media through which you can promote your product are: Amazon, ShareASale, and commission junction. After selecting the products you want to promote, you can use a WordPress plugin like PrettyLinks to manage your affiliate links.


The common types of Affiliate marketing roles are:


  • Influencers:

An influencer is a person who has the power to impact the purchasing power of a large segment of people. They already have a good number of followers, so it’s easier for them to get a large number of consumers for a certain product or service. They are in a better position to benefit from affiliate marketing. The main channels for them are blogs, social media posts, etc. They earn even while they are sleeping because they have already generated so much of the following.


  • Bloggers:

The blogger samples the service or product on a larger picture and writes the review in a comprehensive way, which benefits the Seller’s site in generating traffic and eventually receives greater revenues to the seller’s site.


  • Email lists:

Even if being an old jack , emails still are a reliable source of Affiliate marketing. They leverage email newsletters that have hyperlinks for the product and hence earn a commission after the product, or the service has been purchased by the consumer. The best online referral programs can help you make lots of money by promoting products or services people actually need!


Tips to become a successful affiliate marketer


Developing a rapport with your consumer is important. Once your career as an Affiliate marketer has started, you can cultivate an audience with specific interests. This increases the possibility that you will generate traffic by getting the hang of the Niche market. By establishing yourself as a master of the art in the product or service, you can get a certain target audience.


  • There are many products that you can promote. You should believe in the product you are choosing and have a thorough knowledge; this way, you can personalize your product by personally believing in the product. Make sure that your campaigns revolve around your product, and the consumer actually enjoys it. The conversion rate will be very satisfying, and this will establish the reliability of your product in the market.


  • Starting to review the products that you are selling is a very good idea. By concentrating on a Niche product and the rapport that you have achieved with the consumer. Comparison of your products with that of competitors gives you an upper hand as to why your product is better than theirs. Most important of all that you should keep in mind is that you give accurate and detailed content to generate the best conversions.


  • Choosing products with care is very important. Your time is important, so you should invest in a good product, which will give you higher returns. Take time to get a detailed view of the product you are going to promote. The product should be valuable and in demand.


  • There is serious competition in the Affiliating market, so you need to keep following the latest trends and should not be left behind. Moreover, it’s likely that you will benefit from the latest trends that are being followed.


#Digital marketing


Marketing in a simpler form is defined as making the right offer at the right time at the right place. Nowadays, your customers are online,  active in social media, staying updated through social media sites and blogs. You should use SEO whenever needed to enlighten them on specific topics. Digital marketing puts you on par with them; hence your best prospects can definitely see you. They will get to know more about your product, ask questions, and, in the meanwhile, learn in-depth about you and your product.


There are different aspects that you need to know about Digital Marketing and go about it. These methods work together and build foundations for your business, nurturing relationships with your prospective consumers, and creating a healthy bond between you and your future customer.


Understanding how Digital Marketing is made simpler:


Digital Marketing has stepped a stone over traditional marketing as it is designed to reach the prospective consumers more efficiently. People in today’s era use the internet for every simple thing in life to get information. SEO has seen a sudden and urgent rise, as they make a search viable, easy, and updated solutions, giving them the best options at hand. Most purchasing decisions are being taken online today. This makes online presence a must, regardless of whatever you are selling, be it product or services.


Coming up with a Digital Marketing strategy that puts you on the best foot with your followers is vital. You should be updated as in to give the best solutions to your consumers , updated with industry news. Use social media to update the contents of your blog and give them the best solution. With the help of SEO, you can get to know when someone is searching for the information you have provided in writing.


Once you have solved the jumble and given a solution to the various queries, you will end up with an authentic , easy to operate digital marketing machine.


Benefits of Digital Marketing


Having a super digital marketing presence will help you generate traffic and hence higher revenue. It helps to create awareness before and after-sale. With the help of social sharing and word of mouth, your business will grow as a whole.




There are several lucrative ways to earn money online on the go. Given the ongoing pandemic and economic conditions, people are increasingly switching to the Internet for ways to make money. Know this, if you dedicate yourself to learning how to make money online, you will!


Leave a comment below if you found any value in the strategies we outlined in this article, and if so, put them into action now! For more money making strategies and guides be sure to visit Bizista often.

Author: Ginutis